Department of Equipment Maintenance

Honorary Equipment Advisor:

M.S.M Muraduzzaman, M.Sc. (APE)
Chief Biomedical Engineer, BIHS, BADAS

Principal Biomedical Engineer & Head of Dept. :

Md. Abdul Halim ,
M.Sc. (APE)

Types of Services :
  • Services of this department rendered to various activities, such as installation repair, maintenance and preventive maintenance of Electro-Medical, Electrical Sub-station, Communication, Audio-Visual, Steam generation, Kitchen, laundry and CSSD Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Medical Gases, Water Supply etc.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance work are conducted all electro-medical equipment by our technical team.
Repair & Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance :
  • Major repair done of the following Machines: CT Scan Machine, X-Ray Machine, Ultra sonogram Machine, ICU Ventilator, Baby warmer, Patient Monitor, Suction, Anesthesia Machine, OT Table, OT light Etc.
  • Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance work are conducted all electro-medical equipment by our technical team in our own work shop.
  • Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and necessary repair work are conducted by our Experience technical team of the following Equipments.

Electrical Sub-station.

Communication, Audio-Visual & Steam generation.

Kitchen, laundry and CSSD.

Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Medical Gases.

Building Maintenence Department:

Sub- Divisional Engineer:

Abdul Kuddus (BSc-in-Civil-Engineer)

  • Supplying fitting fixing of Fire hydrant line at Ground floor to 15th floor.
  • Renovation work of room,department,toilet,floor,wall.stair,building,counter,official desk etc.
  • Making Insulin box
  • Supplying fitting fixing of stairs,tiles,floors,corridors,pipelinee,waterline,grills,wall cabinets,digital sign board,hydrant line, etc.
  • Repairing of tiles,water pipe,grills,corridors,buildings,gate,chair,wall,stairs,floors etc.