BIRDEM Library

BIRDEM Library established in 1975 at Segun Bagicha, Dhaka & shifted to Shahbag in 1981 and re-shifted at the present premises in 1985. Library section has grown into the preeminent medical & health sciences ( in diabetes, endocrine & metabolic diseases), research & post-graduate academic library of the country.

The BIRDEM Library has embarked upon to carry out the mission to elevate and up-date the knowledge of its patrons (teachers, students, researchers, clinicians and other peripheral support staff) to set forth with accuracy their respective academic, research and health care assignments. It maintains a modern library and information resources centre equipped with the tools & information technology for collecting, processing and storing information. The library maintains a complacent for the patrons to use its resources and services spontaneously.

Services available:

  1. Borrowing and circulation;
  2. Reference and bibliographic services;
  3. Photocopying & scanning;
  4. Internet & Wi-Fi access;
  5. Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative(HINARI);
  6. INASP-PERI Consortium;
  7. Reprints collection from home & abroad;
  8. Library Co-optation & Inter-library loan.

The library maintains the following databases, using library management software:

  1. Books and monographs;
  2. Thesis;
  3. Journals (bound & loose);
  4. BIRDEM, BADAS publications;
  5. Library membership.

Library Membership options:

The BIRDEM Library primarily serves medical doctors, postgraduate students of BIRDEM academy, researchers, teaching healthcare delivery staffs and staffs of all other sister organizations of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh. BIRDEM Library maintains to two types of membership(regular & external) one for BIRDEM and all others sisters organization of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh; and others membership for other than BIRDEM Institution of the country i.e. external (monthly and daily) membership. Monthly membership basis of paying and amount of Tk. 250.00 per month and daily membership basis of paying an amount of Tk. 50.00 per day.

Reading facilities are offered to clinicians, surgeons, researchers, teachers, postgraduate students of BIRDEM Academy and trainee doctors both graduate & postgraduate students of Dhaka University, BSMMU, National University & others institutions of the country upon prior permission of the authority; only members can use the library and can borrow reading learning materials.

Library hours:

The library is open from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm on Saturday through Thursday, if not otherwise indicated (during Ramadan: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm); it remains closed on Friday and on Government holidays.

Queries and Questions:

Any queries or questions concerning the use of the library and information centre facilities, resources and services, please feel free to ask for help from any of the staff members:

  1. Mr. Bepin Behary Karmakar, Principal Librarian, Ext. 2330

  1. Azizun Nahar, Librarian, Ext. 2441

  1. Salma Ali, Senior Cataloguer, Ext. 2441

  1. Ashrafun Nahar, Cataloguer, Ext. 2441

  1. Harun-Or-Rashid, Computer Operator, Ext. 2441

  1. Sayedur Rahman, Senior Photocopy Operator, Ext. 2441
  2. Monira Akhter, Library Assistant, Ext. 2441

  1. T.M. Anwar Hossain, Library Assistant, Ext. 2441