Academic Council

The Academic Council of BIRDEM recommends the general educational policies of BIRDEM Academy is to maintain and help to achieve high educational standards. It also supervises and monitors the rotatory training of Residency Courses. The name of the honorable members of the committee are-

  1. NazmunNahar, Director General, BIRDEM General Hospital Chairman
  2. Director, Laboratory Services, BIRDEM General Hospital Member
  3. Director, Hospital, BIRDEM General Hospital Member
  4. Director, BIRDEM Academy, BIRDEM General Hospital Member
  5. Director, Clinical Services, BIRDEM General Hospital Member
  6. Principal, Ibrahim Medical College Member
  7. Afsana Karim, Course Coordinator, BIRDEM Academy Member Secretary
  8. All Professor of BIRDEM Member
  9. Associate Professor (01)Senior Member
  10. Assistant Professor (01)Senior Member